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Dune buggy Safari Tour Dubai

Dune buggy Safari Tour Dubai – Dune Buggy Adventure tour Dubai

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Dune buggy Safari Tour Dubai

If the quad bike safaris in Dubai are for adventure lovers then dune buggies aren’t far behind in the list of must do activities in Dubai deserts. Dune Buggy Safari Tour in Dubai are a new version of off-road exploration. Feel the adrenaline rush as the guide leads you through the challenging sand dunes during this Dune buggy desert safari in Dubai.

In comparison to quad bikes our dune buggies are more powerful and reliable on sand and at the same time are safer as they are equipped with a full roll cage, safety seats and safety harness. Our buggy safari will give you an opportunity to explore the open desert with a convoy and a professional back up team for safety. The convoy leader will take you through a 10 Km winding track full of thrill and fun while the backup team will follow you with soft drinks and water.

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