Camel Riding in Dubai Desert

Experience the enchantment of the Dubai desert through a serene camel riding adventure.


Camel Riding Dubai

Camels have been throughout history a source of riches and of survival for nomad tribes. Their strength and endurance have served in trade and in war. Their wool, their milk and their meat are useful in everyday life. They are comfortable with people and often enjoy being caressed. Many of them attach themselves to their owner, and are actively unhappy when separated from him for any period of time. During wars, the Bedouin claimed that even if a camel is mortally wounded during a fight, he will not succumb before having carried his rider out of the battle and out of danger before allowing himself to fall.

Burden bearing camels are the most common camel in Arab countries. You can see the difference in its larger size, its strength and its endurance. It can, in case of need, remain more than 2 months without drinking and 2 weeks without eating, although when given the chance it will drink and eat every day.