KTM Adventure Tour Beginners

KTM  Enduro Adventure Tour Beginners provides an ideal introduction to off-road riding, allowing newcomers to explore the world of adventure biking in a safe and supportive environment.


KTM Dirt Bike Tour for Beginners | KTM Desert Bike Tour Dubai


Perfect for: Motorbike Beginners
Duration: 2,5 hours
Requirements: you must be able to use clutch, gears and throttle
Extras: Helmet, Boots, clothes and protection kit are included
Driving License: Not needed in our guided desert tours

2 Hours KTM Desert Bike Ride Dubai

If you have never ridden off road or in the sand and have a burning desire to have such a fun experience, our company is glad to offer you professional services of dirt bike rental in Dubai. You should have basic bike experience, a skill of using Clutch, Gears, Throttle. Within our 2 hours tour you will be taught how to ride a dirt bike in Dubai off road and our best highly-experienced instructor will help you to grow your skills and confidence.

This adventure tour will be an exciting experience. During the training you will get many good impressions and lots of drive, riding the best dirt bike in Dubai. Men are not the only welcome guests at our company, we are also glad to teach women to ride a motorbike in the desert of Dubai.

With Red Dunes dubai you will feel safe and sound, because you will be provided with special modern equipment that will protect you in cases of accidents. The whole body will be protected from head to toe:

  • The helmet is made of  impenetrable material, without glass, because in case of a motor crash it will break and, as a consequence, won’t be able to protect a biker’s head.
  • The helmet also protects the jaw of a rider and if riding dirt bike in Dubai he falls with his face down on the ground, he won’t hurt anything.
  • Body protection is a hard shell with the protection of the collarbones, which are vulnerable places in an accident. Legs are protected with special hard plastic knee guards and motocross boots are made of a thick, heavy leather. As far as arm protection is concerned, it is less protective so that a biker could ride without constraint.

Our KTM motorbikes are always in excellent condition and constantly checked before each riding tour. So if you join our company for the services of dirt bike rental in Dubai, you can be sure in your safety!